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in Inyo, Kern, and Ventura Counties, California

This listing is in order by City, then by Location Name within City.

Cities in the list below:
Camarillo, Chino, Fillmore, Newbury Park, Oak View, Ojai, Oxnard, Santa Paula, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Ventura

Note: All addresses in Westlake Village will be found in the Los Angeles County list, even though some Westlake Village addresses may actually be in Ventura County.

Total number of charging sites shown on this listing is 24.

Total number of small-paddle inductive chargers shown is 21.
Total number of large-paddle inductive chargers shown is 11.
Total number of Avcon-type charging stations shown is 33.
Total number of Tesla Connector charging stations shown is 0.

Location Name Types Address ZIP_ID TB Map Loc EVCM MAP/IWT/COMMENTS

Camarillo (Ventura County)      
• California State University
U.C. Channel Islands
LP AV One University Drive 93012_1 524-J6 EVCM Map
• Camarillo Premium Outlets SP PROB
740 E. Ventura Bl. 93010_1 524-C3 EVCM Map
Chino (San Bernardino County)      
• Chino Hills - Inland Empire Utilities Agency SP AV OC R 6075 Kimball Ave. 91710_2 EVCM Map
Fillmore (Ventura County)      
• City of Fillmore
City Hall parking lot
250 Center Avenue 93015_1 EVCM Map
Newbury Park (Ventura County)      
• Municipal Services Center
City of Thousand Oaks
AV 1993 Rancho Conejo Blvd. 91320_2 EVCM Map
• Satwiwa Parking Lot SP R Via Goleta 91320_3 555-D5 EVCM Map
Oak View (Ventura County)      
• Lake Casitas
(Casitas MWD)
AV OC Baldwin Road/Casitas Pass Road
(Hwy 150)
93022_1 EVCM Map
Ojai (Ventura County)      
• Ojai City Hall AV 401 S. Ventura Bl. 93023_1 441-H7 EVCM Map
• Ojai Park & Ride DOWN
450 E Ojai Ave. 93023_2 441-J7 EVCM Map
Oxnard (Ventura County)      
• Costco Oxnard DOWN
2001 East Ventura Blvd. 93030_1 523-A2 EVCM Map
• Courtyard by Marriott Oxnard Ventura SP AV 600 Esplanade Drive 93030_3 522-H2 EVCM Map
• Saturn of Oxnard LP 1450 Auto Center Drive 93030_2 522-J2 EVCM Map
Santa Paula (Ventura County)      
• City of Santa Paula City Hall AV 970 Ventura St. 93060_1 EVCM Map
Simi Valley (Ventura County)      
• City of Simi Valley
City Maintenance Garage
AV R 500 W. Los Angeles Ave. 93065_1 EVCM Map
• Costco Simi Valley SP AV 2660 Park Center Drive 93063_1 497-F1 EVCM Map
Thousand Oaks (Ventura County)      
• City of Thousand Oaks
Transportation Center
SP AV 1234 Rancho Road 91362_5 526:H2 EVCM Map
• City of Thousand Oaks
City Hall & Civic Arts Plaza
SP LP AV 2100 Thousand Oaks Blvd. 91362_2 556-J2 EVCM Map
• Home Depot LP AV OC 2745 Teller Road 91320_1 EVCM Map
• Janss Marketplace (Mall) AV DOWN
215 N. Moorpark Road 91360_3 EVCM Map
• National Park Service SP AV 401 W Hillcrest Dr. 91360_4 526-E7 EVCM Map
• Saturn of Thousand Oaks LP 3440 Thousand Oaks Blvd. 91362_3 557-B3 EVCM Map
• The Oaks Mall DOWN
222 West Hillcrest Drive. 91360_2 556-E1 EVCM Map
Ventura (Ventura County)      
• Barber Ford AV 3440 E. Main St. 93003_2 EVCM Map
• Pacific View Mall SP DOWN
Mills Road and Main Street 93003_3 EVCM Map

    Types of Chargers:
  • LP means Large Paddle Inductive.
  • SP means Small Paddle Inductive.
  • AV means Avcon connector, conductive.
  • TS means Tesla connector, conductive.
  • OC means another kind of conductive charging station or receptacle.
  • $  denotes pay parking.
  • R  denotes restricted parking -- not available at certain times or under certain circumstances.
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