EV Charger News

Special Listing for SMUD/CARB/DGS
Publicly accessible government sites with no small-paddle chargers.

in San Diego County (CA)

This listing is in order by City, then by Site Name within City.

Location Name Types
Address ZIP_ID TB Map

La Jolla      
• UCSD Copy Center LP $
201 University Center 92093_1 1228-A2
• UCSD School of Medicine LP $
Osler Lane 92093_2 1228-A2
• UCSD Thornton Medical Center LP $
Medical Center Drive 92093_3 1228-B2
San Diego      
• San Diego Convention Center LP
111 W. Harbor Dr. 92101_2 1289-A4
• San Diego County Administration Bldg LP AV
Pacific Coast Hwy & Grape St. 92101_3 1288-J2

    Types of Chargers:
  • LP means Large Paddle Inductive.
  • SP means Small Paddle Inductive.
  • AV means Avcon-compatible conductive.
  • OC means another kind of conductive charging station or receptacle.
  • $  denotes pay parking.
  • R  denotes restricted parking -- not available at certain times or under certain circumstances.
  • LP means site with large-paddle charger to be replaced by small-paddle charger.
  • AV means site with Avcon, no large-paddle. Small-paddle to be added.
  • AA through AD -- priorities for large-paddle chargers to be replaced with small paddle chargers. (A is highest, D lowest.)
  • BA through BD -- priorities for small-paddle additions to Avcon sites. (A is highest, D lowest.)
  • # replacement may be accomplished under other auspices.
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