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Tesla Connector Charging Locations

PG&E units to be reconfigured -- special list -- 7/31/09 twd

Location Name Types Address ZIP_ID TB Map Loc EVCM MAP/IWT

Davis (Yolo County), CA      
• UC Davis South Campus Parking / Mondavi Center SP AV TS *40/32A* $ R Lot 1
(Near the new Mondavi Center of the Arts)
95616_7 376-C2 EVC Map/IWT/Comments
Dixon (Solano County), CA      
• Pitt School Road at I-80 SP OC TS *40/32A* 1440 Ary Lane 95620_2 EVC Map/IWT/Comments
Fairfield (Solano County), CA      
• Fairfield Transportation Center
aka Fairfield Parking Garage
TS *50/40A**x2* 2000 Cadenasso Drive 94533_2 EVC Map/IWT/Comments
• Solano County Government Parking Structure SP AV OC TS *40/32A* 501 Union Avenue (entrance on Delaware St.) 94533_3 EVC Map/IWT/Comments
San Ramon (Contra Costa County), CA      
• San Ramon Valley Conference Center SP DOWN
SP TS *70/56A*
*90A wiring -- PG&E to replace breaker*
3301 Crow Canyon Road 94583_1 673-D1 EVC Map/IWT/Comments
Vacaville (Solano County), CA      
• Vacaville Bella Vista Road Park and Ride Lot SP AV OC TS *40/32A**x2* Bella Vista Road at I-80 95687_6 EVC Map/IWT/Comments
• Vacaville Regional Transp. Ctr (VRTC - Park and Ride) SP TS *40/32A**x2* Hickory Ln. And Davis St. 95688_1 433-C6 EVC Map/IWT/Comments
Vallejo (Solano County), CA      
• Vallejo Ferry Terminal PROBLEM
SP AV TS *40/32A*
495 Mare Island Way 94590_2 529-H5 EVC Map/IWT/Comments

    Types of Chargers:
  • LP means Large Paddle Inductive.
  • SP means Small Paddle Inductive.
  • AV means Avcon connector, conductive.
  • TS means Tesla connector, conductive.
  • OC means another kind of conductive charging station or receptacle.
  • $  denotes pay parking.
  • R  denotes restricted parking -- not available at certain times or under certain circumstances.