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Charging Station Site Number 95834_1

Status as of 1/30/2011: In service.

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Natomas Market Place - Michael's Arts & Crafts

3691 Truxel Road
(near I-80)
Sacramento - other, California 95834

Site ID:  95834_1      Thomas Bros. Maps Page and Grid™:   277-B3

Charging facilities at this site:
  1 - Small paddle
  1 - Avcon
Nominal supply voltage for this site:  208V

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by Tom Dowling - latest configuration

Lat:  38.63693 (N 38°38.216') (N 38°38'13.0")   (WGS 84 datum)
Lon:-121.50678 (W121°30.407') (W121°30'24.4")
(V: Determined by GPS site visit.)

Elevation: 2 feet.

7/8/07: SPI is up, and has been for a while. Cable must exit towards passenger side of car.
1/27/07: SPI is down. Repair date not yet available.
2/20/06: Avcon unit has been replaced, and is now OK.
1/27/06: Avcon cable has been cut at the charging station, and the cable has been stolen. We are working on a repair plan. SPI is OK, subject to note in comments.
2/9/05: Avcon handle is OK now. TWD.
9/8/02: Bruce Parmenter: AVCON handle broken on right unit. (no longer applicable 7/8/07).

7/8/07: SPI is back up., and has been for a while. Still needs cable facing passenger side of car.
1/27/07: SPI is now down.
2/9/05: For RAV4 EVs, SPI works only if paddle is inserted with cable facing towards passenger side of car, not towards driver side.
2/9/05: Avcon station requires pushing the start button several times to begin full charge.
Two signed EV spots rear parking area between Walmart and Michaels.

Driving directions:
Directions: Hwy I-80 Truxel exit, go straight to rear parking area of Walmart, behind Michaels Arts and Crafts store.
CAUTION: Google maps does not give correct directions after you have exited at the Truxel exit.
The charging stations are in the loading dock area behind Michael's Arts and Crafts. Enter from Truxel Road at the signal at Gateway Park Blvd. Stay in the center of the three lanes and go straight. When the entrance road changes to two lanes, stay in the left lane and go straight again, passing to the left of Claire's Famous Footwear and Michaels Arts and Crafts. Turn right to go behind the buildings, and you will see the charging stations on your left, against the fence.

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How to find the charging station location once you have found the site:
2002-2-3: Tom Dowling. Charging stations in loading dock area behind Michaels Arts and Crafts. See Natomas Marketplace - Regal Cinemas for another nearby SPI charger. See driving directions above.Nearby charging locations:
Natomas Marketplace - Regal Cinemas (SPI)

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Things to do:
WalMart, Home Depot, Regal Cinema, many restaurants and stores
This is a list of the merchants in the Natomas Marketplace "Power Center"

Ross Dress For Less
Michaels Arts & Crafts
Regal Cinemas
K B Toyworks
Home Depot
Bath & Body Works
Cresent Jewelers
Dentist - Dr. Don Lee DDS
Mattress Discounters
Pacific Bell PCS Store
Radio Shack
Athlete's Foot
Payless Shoesource
Famous Footwear
Sally Beauty Supply
Claire's Famous Footwear
Shell Oil
Del Taco
In 'N Out Burger
China Inn
Dairy Queen
Jamba Juice
On the Border
Bank of America (ATM kiosk)

4  Raters:
Tom Dowling

Equipment model and serial number info:
lh TAL redeployed CARB TAL s0104028
replaced ics200a cfg ev00600 ser f0298038 on 2/9/05
2/20/06: rh now ICS200B config EV00601 ser# TR05-00-007
rh ICS200A cfg ev00600 ser F0298034

Meter readings::
rh 1471 kwh 02/10/09
rh ICS 0.0 10/21/03, does not reveal kWh 02/09/05.

by Tom Dowling - latest configuration

by Tom Dowling - looking back toward the entrance

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