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Charging Station Site Number 95691_1

Status as of 1/30/2011: In service.

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California Fuel Cell Partnership

3300 Industrial Bl., Suite 1000
West Sacramento, California 95691

Site ID:  95691_1      Thomas Bros. Maps Page and Grid™:   296-D5

Charging facilities at this site:
  1 - Small paddle
  1 - Avcon
Nominal supply voltage for this site:  208V

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Lat:  38.57414 (N 38°34.448') (N 38°34'26.9")   (WGS 84 datum)
Lon:-121.55668 (W121°33.401') (W121°33'24.1")
(V: Determined by GPS site visit.)

Lat/Lon notes:
Precisifier 5/2/08 twd

Elevation: 9 feet.

9/2/06: Tom Dowling: spi appears ok now. charged 30 mins. without probs.
8/2/06: Checked with RAV4 EV. Failed once at the seven minute point, but after restowing paddle and re-inserting, it charged OK for about 25 minutes. Tom Dowling
6/5/06: Robert Haran reports that the small-paddle charger goes into an error condition after a short time. Repair plan in progress.

12/19/03: LPI was replaced with SPI.
6/8/03: LPI was scheduled for SPI upgrade, but funding seems to be a problem, so no upgrade is now in prospect.
There is a conductive charging station at this site for public use. There are also several conductive charging stations in the restricted area.

Driving directions:
Instructions for finding charger site and charger location on site:

From I-80 East,

  1. Take the first exit after the Yolo Causeway, at sign reading "West Sacramento / West Capitol Ave" and go East for 0.2 miles
  2. Turn right on Enterprise Blvd and go South for 0.2 miles.
  3. Turn left at signal on Industrial Blvd., and go East for about 1.2 miles.
  4. California Fuel Cell Partnership will be on your left. Turn into the driveway past the building (to the right of the building) and proceed toward the locked gate. The chargers are on your left, just before the locked gate, on the right side of the building.
From I-80 West,
  1. Exit via ramp at sign reading "I-80-BR E / US-50 E to Sacramento" and go Southeast for 0.7 miles
  2. Continue on US-50,I-80-BR,Capital City Fwy and go East for 0.3 miles.
  3. Exit via ramp at sign reading "Harbor Blvd" and go Southeast for 0.2 miles
  4. Turn left on Harbor Blvd and go South for 0.3 miles
  5. Turn right on Industrial Blvd and go Northwest for 0.5 miles
  6. California Fuel Cell Partnership will be on your right.

Turn into the driveway before the building (to the right of the building) and proceed toward the locked gate. The chargers are on your left, just before the locked gate, on the right side of the building.

From U.S. 50 West, use the I-80 West instructions, starting at step 3.
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Nearby charging locations:

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Things to do:
This is an industrial area, with nothing interesting within easy walking distance. There is a deli on the same side of Industrial Blvd., about half a mile to the west.
If the building is open, there are interesting displays and literature in the lobby.
Notice the DaimlerChrysler Necar in the photo, along with the 4500-gallon Hydrogen tank. The Necar just happened to drive by as I was taking the photo. The Hydrogen tank is behind a locked gate. You can see it up close on the monthly tour, which includes a refueling demonstration.

Contact information:
Please check at the front desk or with the guard to let them know you are there charging your car, especially if it is after hours.
The California Fuel Cell Partnership has public tours on the fourth Friday of every month, from 1 to 3 pm. Call 916-371-2870 to confirm.
See their Web site.

2  Raters:
Ed Huestis 4/04

Equipment model and serial number info:
s0004046 installed 12/3/03

Meter readings::
ICS-200B 1112 kWh 9/18/06

by Tom Dowling prior to SPI, 1/02

by Tom Dowling after SPI, 1/04

by Tom Dowling after SPI, 1/04

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