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Charging Station Site Number 94950_1

Status as of 1/30/2011: New location, in service.

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Pacific Coast Science and Learning Center, Pt. Reyes National Seashore

7001 Highway 1
Olema, California 94950

Site ID:  94950_1      Thomas Bros. Maps Page and Grid™:   529-H5

Restricted parking.  Details:   Restrictions unknown; gate by Highway can be locked, but there are no signs. The park is open daily from sunrise to midnight throughout the year. Overnight camping is available by permit only. Sleeping in cars is prohibited.

Charging facilities at this site:
  1 - Small paddle
Nominal supply voltage for this site:  240V

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Photo credit: Steve Greenberg

Lat:  37.97055 (N 37°58.233') (N 37°58'14.0")   (WGS 84 datum)
Lon:-122.73080 (W122°43.848') (W122°43'50.9")

Lat/Lon notes:
Garmin Nuvi 350 by Steve Greenberg

Elevation: 425 feet.

Long existing site, just added 11/29/2010 per new site form from Steve Greenberg.
This is one of 5 chargers at the Pt. Reyes National Seashore. The staff has a fleet of RAV4-EVs, and they have priority use of the chargers, but use by the public is tolerated.

Driving directions:
Just west of Highway 1, approximately 2.5 miles north of Dogtown (and south of the Randall Trailhead). Go through gate on dirt road, across small creek, turn left toward "Learning Center Parking". Charger is on left near barn, north of main Learning Center Building.
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How to find the charging station location once you have found the site:
West side of red barn. Mud and grass -- could get very muddy in winter.

Nearby charging locations:

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Things to do:
Site is remote between Dogtown and Olema.

Contact information:
Try the seashore HQ at 415-464-5100 x2 663-8522 x2 (local toll-free from 663- or 669- prefix in 415 area code).

3  Raters:
Steve Greenberg: 3 for rural appeal, 1 for urban appeal.

Equipment model and serial number info:
TAL/TIC S0310035

Photo credit: National Park Service

Photo credit: Steve Greenberg

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