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Charging Station Site Number 94947_1

Status as of 1/30/2011: New location, in service.

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Paul Schafer, DDS

896 Sutro Ave
Novato, California 94947

Site ID:  94947_1      Thomas Bros. Maps Page and Grid™:   529-H5

Charging facilities at this site:
  1 - Avcon
  4 - Other
     Other types:  14-50 50A 240V(1); 1 6-20 20A 240V(1); 5-20 20A 120V(2)
Nominal supply voltage for this site:  240V

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Photo: Dr. Schafer. Charging stations are on the right of the photo.

Lat:  38.11719 (N 38°07.031') (N 38°07'01.9")   (WGS 84 datum)
Lon:-122.60983 (W122°36.590') (W122°36'35.4")

Lat/Lon notes:
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Maximum simultaneous ampacity: 50A.

Driving directions:
At the SE corner of Novato Blvd, and San Marin Drive. (It is important to note that San Marin Drive changes names to Sutro Avenue at this corner.)
From US 101 North or South :
1. From US highway 101, take the Atherton Avenue/San Marin Drive exit, 2.8 miles north of the junction with CA highway 37.
2. Drive 2.7 miles west on San Marin Drive until the 4 way stop with Novato Boulevard. Proceed straight across the intersection, where the road turns into Sutro Avenue.
3. Turn left at the first drive way on your left.

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How to find the charging station location once you have found the site:
The charging stations are on a fence about 10 feet off of the road on the west side of the driveway. There is a section of dirt to park on, right next to the charging stations.

Nearby charging locations:

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Things to do:
1. The only charging site in Novato with the closure of the Costco charging site during their remodel.
2. At the intersection of the two biggest streets in the city of Novato.
3. Available 24/7, directly under a street light.
4. Not far off Highway 101.
5. The dental office supplies the power on site, courtesy of Dr. Paul Schafer, DDS.
6. O'Hair Park is right across the street with hiking trails, a dog park and an equestrian center.
7. China Village, Mary's Pizza Shack and Subway restaurants is a 0.5 mile walk east on Sutro Avenue, which turns in to San Marin Drive once it crosses Novato Boulevard.
4. Miwok Park is a 0.7 mile walk south along Novato Boulevard with the Marin Museum of the American Indian, hiking trails, a picnic area, a playground, and restrooms.

Contact information:
Dr. Paul Schafer, DDS: EV owners are welcome to call my home 415-898-9391 or the office 415-897-9910 if they have any troubles.

Adopt-a-Charger sponsor info:
Dr. Paul Schafer, DDS

Photo: Dr. Schafer. Avcon charging station.

Photo: Dr. Schafer. EV pedestal and panel, fed from 60A breaker in the house.

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12/26/2010: Site added at Dr. Schafer's request. Site has been in operation since mid-2009.

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