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Charging Station Site Number 92618_3

Status as of 10/10/03:   In service.


13845C Alton Parkway
Irvine, California 92618

Site ID:  92618_3         Thomas Bros. Maps Page and Grid™:  

Charging facilities at this site:
  1 - Small paddle

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Lat:  33.66297 (N 33°39.778') (N 33°39'46.7")   (WGS 84 datum)
Lon:-117.71006 (W117°42.604') (W117°42'36.2")

Lat/Lon notes:

Driving directions:

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How to find the charging station location once you have found the site:
Charger is mounted on the wall behind the building,

Contact information:
Eric Luebben 949-855-2814 x211

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