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Charging Station Site Number 90012_8

Status as of 1/30/2011: One or more large-paddle chargers at this location have a problem. Some large-paddle service may be available here, however. Other facilities may also be available here. Check status and comments below.

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Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles, California 90012

Site ID:  90012_8      Thomas Bros. Maps Page and Grid™:   634-G1

Restricted parking.  Details:   Available for charging 9a-9p except holidays.

Pay parking.  Details:  Free except when there's a game on.

Charging facilities at this site:
  3 - Large paddle
  1 - Avcon
  1 - Other
     Other types:  5-15 (and a long extension cord)

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Lat:  34.07264 (N 34°04.358') (N 34°04'21.5")   (WGS 84 datum)
Lon:-118.23893 (W118°14.336') (W118°14'20.2")

Lat/Lon notes:

The rightmost LPI - Backlight lights up when you pull the paddle, but the LCD display remains blank. I could not tell for sure with my S-10E whether charging was happening. Other 2 work OK.

Driving directions:
From Sunset, turn east on Elysian Park Avenue, which crosses Stadium Way and runs right into the main entrance.
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How to find the charging station location once you have found the site:
From the main entrance, follow the blue line around to Parking Lot #4. Chargers are at the far end of Lot #4, far to the left of the Gift Shop.

Nearby charging locations:

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