To: Warehouse manager,


Costco, ________________

††††††††††††††† (warehouse name)


Thank you for providing electric vehicle charging at this Costco warehouse!


As one of the many hundreds of electric vehicle drivers in California, I want Costco to know how much I appreciate the electric vehicle charging facilities at this and more than 60 other Costco warehouses.These charging stations are our lifeline.Even on those occasions when we drive by without stopping, itís great to know that the chargers are here if we need them.As one of my fellow EV drivers (also an airline pilot) said, ďItís like Midway Island in the Pacific.Even if I donít use it every time I pass by, itís a vital location, and itís important to know that it is there if I need it.Ē


Today, I was here and charged my electric vehicle.†† Not everyone has time or opportunity to let you know they used the chargers, so the number of uses is much higher than the number of thank-you notices you receive.Be assured that all EV drivers appreciate Costcoís support of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and we will do all we can to support Costco.


Thanks again.


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