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Regularly charging to 90% or so rather than 100% has great potential for extending battery life, as well as saving energy.  Usable range is decreased very little -- practically not at all if you now charge to 100% and then do not drive the car until several hours or more after the end of charge.

The basic function of the program is to calculate the setting for the PRE A/C timer, so that you can end with 90% charge (or a different target SOC if you so choose).   The program can also calculate the
setting for the charge start timer when you want charging to end at a specific time, either at 100% or less than 100%, with or without actual preconditioning.  This is useful when you know you will be driving away at a specific time, and will need a full charge.

If you don't want actual preconditioning (heating or cooling), set the temperature lever in the gray (demist) area.  (The fan setting is immaterial, as is the state of the AC button.)  Charging stops, but no preconditioning occurs, and very little energy is used.

There are screenshots here:
Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Screen 4

You need to download and install two files:
And mathlib.prc

Install these files on your Palm via HotSync, just as you would install any other program.  The files can also be beamed from another Palm device.

You might already have the mathlib.prc file for some other reason, but it won't hurt if you download it again.

The program will work on the OS5 Palm devices, as well as the older
Palm III, Palm V, M505, M515, M130 etc.   It should work on
Palm-compatible devices like the Sony Clie, but that has not been
tested.    You can use it in the same Palm device that is in your car
for RAV4 Info, or on a separate Palm device.  It's designed for finger input, requiring no Graffiti or stylus input.

Use and enjoy the program, compliments of www.evchargernews.com.  Let me know if you find any bugs, or have any questions.

Tom Dowling -- tom@evchargernews.com

Revised 7/27/04.