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ICS-200TM Software Version 1.2.18A--Update

Version 1.2.18 is confirmed Year 2000 compliant and contains significant enhancements from version 1.2.17. 

This update includes many usability enhancements.  For example, economy and autostart charging modes can now be set from the front panel as well as the kilowatt-hours voice message mode.  The audio file has been updated with better sound quality and an increased vocabulary.

At the request of auto manufacturers, some changes were made to the charging protocols for multiple vehicle types under unusual conditions.  For example, the EV+ and Ranger EV can charge more reliably at the same public autostart station.  This is mode is enabled using the CG00650.200 configuration file.

See the release notes for a complete description of all of the latest enhancements.  The user's guide addendum #1 covers the operation of version 1.2.18's extended features.

1.2.18A release includes version 1.2.18 software, updated version 3.11 of MagmaTM, updated version 200.006.001 sound file, and updated InstallShield.  The distribution also includes updated configuration files for all manufacturers.

You should download both the Archive itself, plus the Manifest, which contains a list of files contained in the update.  Running the Archive will install all of the software needed for programming your ICS-200 with version 1.2.18.

Click on one of the following files to download it.

Version 1.2.18A Archive  single file, full installation
Version 1.2.18A Manifest  list of all files to be installed
Version 1.2.18A Archive Disk 1 use these two files for floppy disk installation
Version 1.2.18A Archive Disk 2  unzip each archive onto a 1.44MB floppy disk

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