Points to consider when choosing a desirable charging location for electric vehicles:


·      Find a willing (better yet, enthusiastic) site owner.   This is the most important consideration of all.

·      Look for a location where parking is not in significantly short supply.  Avoid situations where the parking lot frequently fills up.

·      EV drivers don’t need to park right next to the front door.  Such spots are often in contention.  Better to be further away (as in “employee parking area”), providing this does not result in greatly increased installation costs.

·      Keep handicapped access in mind.   Some jurisdictions require EV parking spaces to be handicapped accessible.

·      New construction is usually much less expensive than retrofits at existing locations. 

·      Avoid trenching when possible. 

·      Wall mount is usually considerably less expensive than pedestal mount.

·      Consider amenities within walking distance.  (Some EV drivers may bring scooters or bicycles along.)  Eateries, libraries, movie theaters, shopping, lodging, other attractions.  

·      Good locations are either on or near travel corridors or at destination locations.







twd 6/9/08