Thanks for this.

The attachment was too big for the mailing list, so I have posted it here:

(You may need to enlarge the image with your browser's controls to view it properly.)

It's great to see that Costco published this.  Costco remains supportive of
the EV infrastructure, and has been the number one supporter from the

Unfortunately, the list isn't completely accurate.  The list Arnold sent is
for Northern California only.  If any Southern California Costco members
have a similar list, please send it along.

Here are the results of a comparison:

                     Costco list   Actual

Almaden (San Jose)   Yes            Yes, SPI only
Citrus Heights       Yes            NO
Concord              Yes            NO

Folsom               Yes            Yes

Fremont              Yes            Yes
Gilroy               Yes            Yes - SPI on one side of building, 
AVC on another side

Mountain View        Yes            Yes  

Novato               Yes            Yes 
Rohnert Park         Yes            COMING SOON

Roseville            Yes            Yes 

Salinas              Yes            Yes, SPI only

San Francisco (10th) Yes            Yes

South San Francisco  NO             Yes
(U.S. 101)

San Jose (Senter)    Yes            Yes, SPI only

San Leandro          Yes            Yes, SPI only.

Santa Clara          Yes            Yes

Vacaville            Yes            Yes

Vallejo              Yes            Yes, SPI only

Tom Dowling

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Attached is a GIF of the EV Station list from Costco's January 2006 Newsletter.

Someone should make sure they match our list.

Kudos to Costco for publicizing these on their Special Services matrix and for providing the EV Stations.

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