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    ==================== Respondent Name: = Tom Dowling Respondent Email Address: = tom at twdowling dot com Date and time of visit:: = 5/25/04 130pm Name of charging location:: = 10th & I - 8th floor City and State:: = Sacramento, CA Site ID, if known (format 92345_1):: = 95814_19 Did you charge here:: = Yes - RAV4 EV small paddle Please describe problems, if any:: = All is well. Previous problems have been cleared. Please describe any errors or omissions in the EV Charger News listing information for this site:: = Inductive, from left to right: 1) TAl S0207117 cable 411 2) TAL S0210013 cable 433 3) TAL S0010090 cable 854 4) TAL S0210017 cable 460 5) TAL S0204105 cable 247 6) TAL S0210019 cable 436 7) TAL S0207114 cable 461 Conductive, from left to right: 1)ICS200B cfg TR0600 ser TR-12-00-013 49.4 kWh 2) ICS200B cfg TR0607 ser TR-07-00-033 57.8 kWh 3)ICS200B cfg TR0600 ser TR-12- 00-026 37.0 kWh 4) ICS200B cfg TR0601 ser TR(illegible, defaced) 2379 kWh 5) ICS200B cgf TR0601 ser TR-05-00-013 1029 kWh 6) DS50 cfg S2-10 ser DP00-01-0054 no voice 7) ICS200B cfg TR0600 ser TR12-09- 047 1351 kWh 8) ICS200B cfg TR0600 ser TR1098013 no voice 9) ICS200B cfg TR0607 ser TR12-00-039 2013 kWh 10) ICS200B cfg TR0600 ser TR12- 00-055 29.7 kWh Please add any comments -- things you would like the next EV driver to know. Driving directions, directions for finding the charger on the site, things to do in the area, etc.:: = Second floor is covered and cooler. Roof can be hot on summer days. Are you the Adopt-a-Charger sponsor for this site?: = No If not, would you like to volunteer as the Adopt-a-Charger sponsor for this site? (Details will be e-mailed to you.): = No Please rate this site, based on location (closeness to traveled routes, ease of locating, availability, and things to do in the area):: = 3 Good ==================== Email address input :: tom at twdowling dot com Stored email address :: tom at twdowling dot com Stored sponsor name :: Tom Dowling Report from Adopt-a-Charger sponsor. Thank you! Date and time of visit :: 1/21/04 1455 Name of charging location:: 10th & I roof 8th floor Did you charge here?:: No Problem comments:: 2nd spi from left still out of order. sn s0010090 Reported to 888-890-4638?:: Yes ======================= 1/7/04 Tom Dowling: Second small-paddle charger from the left is still inoperative. Has power, but will not light up or charge. There are several other small-paddle chargers here that you can use.