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The EV Charger News Mailing List


We've had many requests for a mailing list dedicated to EV Charger News. Many want charger news in one place, not mixed in with other mail.  Some wish to receive charger-related mail without subscribing to a vehicle-specific list.  

Now it's here -- the EVChargerNews mailing list.

This list is a Mailman list -- very similar to the RAV4-EV list, the S10-EV list and the EV1-Ncal list.  It's intended for news items relating to the status of EV chargers -- "I Was There" reports, notices of new chargers, etc.   You can subscribe to a daily digest if you wish, or to individual messages.  There will be an archive.

This list is being established on an experimental basis.  Let's see how many users sign up.  I won't stop sending charger-related e-mail to the other vehicle-specific lists until and unless the new list has a very high percentage of the interested parties signed up.

If you wish to subscribe, here's the URL:


If you have problems subscribing, or have any comments prior to subscribing, send an email to info@evchargernews.com

Gil Dawson and I are still dedicated to keeping the EV Charger News up to date and as useful to EV drivers as possible.  Thanks for all your support.

Tom Dowling
Gil Dawson