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This is a collection of EV charging location signage. The intention is to gather photos of different signage found at various locations, along with comments about which signage seems to be effective and ineffective, with a view toward eventual standardization.

UC Davis Mondavi Center
UC Davis Mondavi Center - Click to enlarge.

The apparent intention here is that EVs may park here any time, including EVs with disabled person placards. It says that any vehicle with a disabled person placard may park here any time as well. Finally, any vehicle at all may park here if this is the last space available in the lot. This seems more than a little confusing, both for motorists and for parking enforcement.

Antelope Library
Antelope Library - Click to enlarge.

BART Walnut Creek
BART Walnut Creek - Click to enlarge.

Standard sign
Standard sign - Click to enlarge.

CFCI/Costco standard sign
CFCI/Costco standard sign - Click to enlarge.

EAA standard sign
EAA Standard sign - Click to enlarge.

Proposed new EV Parking permit sticker for 7/03
Proposed new EV Parking permit sticker for 7/03 - Click to enlarge.