EV Charger News

Charger repairs

Revised 7/26/04

If you find a charger not working properly, be sure to report it. Don't assume somebody else has reported it. Report it! It won't get fixed if it's not reported. Multiple reports are fine; they emphasize the fact that EV drivers care, that there are EV drivers depending on that charger being repaired.

It's best to call from the site with your cell phone, and be ready to answer questions, check serial numbers, etc. Leave a message if necessary, with a phone number where you can be reached. Call as soon as you discover the problem, no matter what time it is. Don't put it off for later, when it may be forgotten.

The service problem report number for inductive chargers remains 888-890-4638 (888-890-GOEV). You may also report conductive charging station problems to this number.

However, there is a new number to call for conductive charging station service, 888-820-9909. This is the Southern Company in Atlanta. They are now handling service dispatch for conductive chargers.

EVI (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Inc., of Auburn, CA) has ceased operations. Their phones have been disconnected. We are exploring avenues for repair of their equipment. Right now, there are serious problems and delays in getting EVI equipment repaired.

Also, please send an email to updates@evchargernews.com describing the problem, and stating that you have called it in for repair.