EV Charger News

Protocol Stickers

6/01/02, revised 4/2/04

We still have a few "protocol stickers" available,
and a source to get more made. These
stickers are intended to be placed next to
the paddle or connector, on the charger.

If you are interested, send an e-mail to
stickers@evchargernews.com for more information.

Here's what the sticker says:

A courtesy
to fellow
EV drivers:

This charging connector
may be transferred to
a waiting EV if your
EV appears to be at
least 75% charged,
unless otherwise
requested by a sign on
your dash.
Please do not request
more charge than you
really need.

When leaving a charger,
the connector should be
inserted into any compatible
EV waiting in an
adjoining space.

Thank you for
your consideration.