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Adopt-a-Charger Overview

What is the Adopt-a-Charger program?

In order to maintain the best possible up to date information about status of public chargers, we are asking for volunteers to adopt a public charging location of their choice. Once adopted, the volunteer would regularly (monthly) visit the charging location and report on its status by filling out a special “I was there” report (found at http://www.evchargernews.com/). This report would typically include the following information:

What are the responsibilities of the adopter?

How can I participate?

Go to http://www.evchargersnews.com/ and click on the "I Was There" report link. Fill out an "I Was There" report for the charging station you wish to adopt, and check the button to that asks "would you like to volunteer as the Adopt-a-Charger sponsor for this site?". Details will be e-mailed to you.

Why is it needed?

This information is particularly important for out-of-town visitors who rely on finding a functioning charger at a location in order to complete their trip.

Although millions of dollars have been spent on installing public EV charging infrastructure in California, Arizona, Georgia, and elsewhere, the goals of available, convenient charging for EVs have not been met. Chargers fail, and repairs are not always performed in a timely fashion. Signage is sometimes inadequate, leading to ICEing (blocking of chargers by Internal Combustion Engine vehicles.) Even when signage is good, ICEing can be a problem. Site owners need education and urging to help enforce EV-only parking restrictions.

Infrastructure needed on the EV Charger News Website


We need to ensure that this program is implemented in such a way as to not overburden the web masters of the EV Charger News web pages.

Revised 12/30/06.

Original draft by Kim Rogers. Revised by Tom Dowling.
This is still a draft. Your suggestions for changes and additions are welcome.