The EV1 is one of the best electric cars ever made. It is a car that is helping to define the future.

Why is the electric car called the GM EV1? Because it was conceived, developed and built by General Motors. Somehow it seems fitting that the first modern from-the-ground-up electric car was built by an American car manufacturer. After all, not so long ago, American manufacturers led the world in advanced automotive engineering. With 23 new patents that are being applied to future electric, hybrid and gasoline-powered cars, the EV1, like American cars that came before it, is sure to change the lives of not only those who drive it, but of everyone who drives.

On the day that General Motors unveiled the EV1, GM announced that Saturn had been selected to launch the EV1. Saturn's unique brand marketing and focus on customer satisfaction are among the core reasons why Saturn was selected to help successfully launch the EV1. With Saturn's focus on creating customer enthusiasm, and the excellent service reputation, Saturn was a logical choice to market the GM EV1.

Select Saturn retailers in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, Phoenix, and Tucson were utilized to lease and service the EV1.

Saturn employs a group of EV specialists who work with the customer throughout the entire EV1 lease process. From explaining how to charge, to getting the charger installed, to arranging the lease, to capturing tax credits for the customer, the EV specialist is the link between the customer, the EV1, the charger distributor, Saturn and General Motors.

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