Clive Roberts, a GM lead development engineer, has firsthand experience with speed. He knows cars, electricity and racing he races cars for fun. He already understands what every EV1 driver soon learns this car performs! Clive drove a specially modified prototype of the EV1, without the 80 mph speed governor and with a special set of drive unit gears, into new territory for electric vehicles.

The day he set the land-speed record for electric cars on a Texas test track, Clive wanted 180 miles an hour. "We had to stay in the top lane on banked turns on the test track. No guardrail. Just a white line three feet from the top. After that, Texas. Get it wrong and you're in the Gulf of Mexico." His strategy: "Keep it to the floor; hang below that white line." His result: 183 mph and a world land-speed record for a production electric vehicle set at 6:30 p.m. on March 11, 1994, at Fort Stockton, Texas.

Footage    Click here to see the EV1 set the electric vehicle land speed record (3000k)

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