EV1 Electric News

Gen II - General Motors EV1
Product Enhancements

·Next Generation (Gen II) propulsion

-Drive Unit
-Battery Pack
-Power electronics
-6.6 Kw charger

·High-capacity lead-acid battery pack (standard)

-20 to 30% improvement in range over '97 EV1: 55 to 95 real-world miles
-Extends use of EV1
-Longer battery pack life

·Advanced nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack (optional)

-Longer range between charges: 75 to 130 miles real-world miles
-Extends use of EV1
-Changes EV1 to more than a commuter vehicle
-Better performance in cooler temperatures
-Longer battery pack life

· Battery thermal management system to accommodate NiMH battery technology

· Next Generation (Gen II) software

·Recalibrated shock absorber valving for better ride and handling

·Revised rear suspension geometry for improved ride and handling

·Continuous refinements to reduce wind noise, improve fit and finish, and improve window defogging performance

·Improved heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system

·Revised steering effort and feel for better handling