The 50 psi 14-inch all-season radial tires were designed by Michelin exclusively for the EV1. These are the next generation of fuel-efficient tires. And they’re available today. They are super low-rolling resistance tires — 25% lower than other tires.

To eliminate the weight of a spare tire and jacking equipment and to save the space that they require, the EV1 uses two systems. First, the tires contain a gummy sealant inside the tread that will seal most tread punctures. Second, a computer in the EV1 constantly monitors the rotating speed of all four tires. If one tire begins to rotate faster than the others, indicating a decrease in tire pressure, a "Check Tire Pressure" light is illuminated — an early warning system. With these two technologies, the incidence of on-road flat tires should be significantly reduced.

The EV1 aluminum alloy wheels are equally unique, weighing just 8.5 pounds each, about half the weight of the average steel wheel. They were created through a squeeze casting process to aid low mass. Their designer, in a nod to the EV1's futuristic character, created them to look like printed circuit boards.

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