The EV1 is not the first electric car in America. But it is the first that you can set to turn itself on and warm or cool the interior cabin before you ever get inside. It is also the first electric car with a drag coefficient of just 0.19. These are just a few of the EV1's firsts.

In all, 23 new patents were granted, most of which can be used on other GM cars. For instance, the EV1 seat cushion frame is magnesium, and that component is 60% lighter than if it were made of steel. Sunfires and Cavaliers now use this Duoflex magnesium seat. Other GM cars use the adhesive developed to keep the electric car's chassis parts together.

The EV1 is arguably the best electric car ever made. But perhaps even more important, it is the car that is making future cars better.

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