Galileo braking system

In addition to providing power assist, traction control, anti-lock, tire inflation and system diagnostics monitoring, the Galileo Braking System also includes a new concept in braking: Regenerative braking. It works like this: When you step on the accelerator of the EV1, you get an energy discharge from the battery. When you brake, you are actually capturing kinetic energy from the vehicle (with the motor) and putting energy back where it originally came from — the battery. This regenerative braking system increases the EV1’s range potential, especially when the vehicle’s speed is changing, like in city traffic. A smooth, careful driving technique complements this regen system.

This system interprets electronic signals when the brake pedal is pressed, calling for the hydraulic modulator to apply pressure at the front calipers to stop the car. The EV1’s advanced electric rear drum "brake-by-wire" system eliminates mass as well as almost 100 parts (compared to a standard hydraulic system). The rear braking system is electronically activated and has an automated parking brake.

Intelligent software constantly monitors driving conditions, engaging traction control or anti-lock brakes to help avoid hazardous situations.

Using the regen capabilities creates electrical energy which recharges the battery pack potential to increase the range up to 20%.

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