What's amazing about the electric car is what went into it. And what didn't.

The EV1 has no engine because it doesn't need one. No tailpipe because it has no exhaust. It has no valves. No pistons. No timing belts. No crankshaft.

What does the EV1 have? Some remarkable electronics and a revolutionary new propulsion system. The most aerodynamic body shape of any production car, ever. One of the lightest, stiffest structures for a car its size. Super-low-rolling resistance 50 psi Michelin tires with wheels that weigh only 8.5 pounds. In addition to these innovations, the electric car also has an intelligent braking system that can regenerate energy and send it back to the batteries, a heat pump like the one used in some homes, and seven sophisticated on-board computers that control everything from the interior temperature to charging the battery pack.

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