The EV1 meets all government safety requirements, and then some. In all, we tested the EV1 prototypes the equivalent of almost half a million miles during normal driving conditions. The whole idea was to build a reliable, durable, safe electric car. The structure helps to absorb shocks to protect passengers in a collision. Monitors continuously check electric circuits and disconnect the battery pack if there's anything abnormal. Other monitors audit driving conditions, engaging traction control or anti-lock brakes to help avoid hazardous situations.

Of course, air bags* are standard. So are side-impact protection, daytime running lamps, crumple zones and a host of other safety features.

The MagneCharge™ inductive charging system also provides a safe, convenient and easy way of charging. In fact, you can even charge the EV1 in the rain. This is because the inductive charging system does not utilize metal-to-metal contact to transfer electricity.

EV1ís Safety Features:

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