The EV1 is the car of the future. Not only for its performance, convenience and affordability, but for its environmentally-friendly attitude. The EV1's electric motor requires no emission testing because it is a zero emission vehicle — it doesn't even have a tail pipe. It requires no tune-ups. And no gasoline or oil changes, which means cleaner air and less dependency on foreign oil.

The EV1 is also one of the most efficient production vehicles in the world. Its aluminum structure is specifically designed to be strong, lightweight and 100% recyclable. The 312-volt lead-acid battery pack has 26 maintenance-free valve-regulated modules, which use 60% recycled lead and is 98% recyclable. The heat pump requires only 1/3 of the energy needed for traditional air conditioning and uses only ozone-friendly CFC-free R134A air conditioning refrigerant.

The EV1 helps contribute to a cleaner environment. In California, for instance, there are 97% fewer emissions with the EV1 than a conventional gasoline engine — this includes the electricity-generating emissions from the power plant. Also, when you use electricity at night to charge the EV1, it actually helps power plants operate more efficiently because of power plant load leveling.

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