Battery packs

The Gen II EV1 offers a choice of battery technologies:

Both packs have 26 maintenance-free, valve-regulated modules. The high-capacity lead-acid battery pack yields an estimated range of 55-95 miles per charge. The optional nickel-metal hydride battery pack yields an estimated range of 75 to 130 miles.

The electric car's batteries are different from standard starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) batteries, which have free liquid acid inside. The batteries have a mat-like material that contains all the liquid. If a hole were poked in the battery, no liquid would run out. A battery pack monitor system measures the voltage of each module during all driving and charging to maintain optimum pack capacity and ensure battery pack longevity.

There is also a smaller version of the same battery technology under the hood that powers selected accessory functions.

The chart below compares the high-capacity lead-acid EV1 to the optional nickel-metal hydride EV1:

Panasonic High-Capacity
Lead-Acid EV

Nickel-Metal Hydride

Number of Modules 26 26
Battery Pack Weight 1,310 lbs. 1,147 lbs.
Nominal Voltage 312 volts 343 volts
Regulated Pack Capacity 60 ah 77 ah

*Actual mileage and range will vary as a result of driving style, terrain, temperature and accessory usage, particularly as affected by ambient temperature and the use of heating and air conditioning.

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