Charger installation

A 220-volt MagneCharge™ inductive charger is provided with each lease. Installation is similar to installing a 220-volt dryer or stove. An EV Specialist, together with the charger distributor, arranges everything, from finding a contractor, to hiring an electrician, to securing all necessary inspections and permits.

As far as cost per mile, if you charge as most people do, at night while you sleep, you will pay low, off-peak prices. (If you charge during peak hours, the cost will be higher.) The chart below compares costs to charge the high-capacity lead-acid to the optional nickel-metal hydride EV1 :


Panasonic High-Capacity Lead-Acid EV1

Nickel-Metal Hydride EV1

Cost to Charge per Mile @ 10 per kwh    
    Driving Range 25 Miles 2.8 6.7
    Driving Range 50 Miles 2.8 5.0
    Driving Range 100 Miles 2.6 3.0
    Estimated Cost to Charge
    (80 F, zero to 100% SOC*)
$2.40 $2.80

*State of Charge

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