The average daily commute in the United States is 22 miles. The EV1's estimated range is considerably more than that.

We've learned a lot about the EV1's range since the launch of the first generation EV1 in December, 1996. At launch, our range estimates were based on the FTC ratings at 70 city/90 highway, with a combined range of 79 miles per charge. In real-world driving situations, our 1997 EV1 customers told us they experienced ranges between 40 and 90, depending on driving styles, traffic conditions, terrain and ambient temperature.

When the EV1 needs a charge, you can conveniently do so with the 220-volt MagneCharge™ inductive charger. Charging is as simple as inserting the charge paddle in the slot between the EV1's headlights. The lead acid EV1 also has a portable 110-volt convenience charger stowed in the trunk. This charger can be used indoors or out, rain or shine, with any regular 110-volt outlet.

The chart below compares the high-capacity lead-acid and optional nickel-metal hydride EV1:

Panasonic High-Capacity Lead Acid EV1

Nickel-Metal Hydride EV1

FTC Range 111 miles 144 miles
Expected Real World Range 55-95 miles 75-130 miles
Expected Charge Time (70 F, O to 100% SOC) 5.5-6 hours 6-8 hours
110-Volt Charger Availability Yes No

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